Monday, 22 February 2021

3 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Space with Different Kinds of Carpets

Setting a space is not that difficult if you are aiming for an average-looking room. But if you want your room to own a certain personality or have a specific aura, then you need to cater to even the smallest details too. You can personify your room using small furniture items or decoration pieces. But the easiest way to add texture and detail to any place is by using the right kind of carpet or rug. If you want to add texture to your room, go for a textured carpet instead of a silk carpet. If you want to go for a colourful or detailed look, buy a colourful carpet with an intricate design from a carpet store in Lahore.

There are several ways you can use a carpet to add personality to your room. We have listed a few of them for you below. 

Vintage look

Carpets are a great way to add a vintage look to your room. Just throw an antique-looking carpet on the floor and see for yourself how the whole vibe of the room goes from zero to a hundred in a matter of seconds! You don’t even need to spend a fortune over antique-looking carpets. Just go for carpets that have any traditional pattern or outdated pattern and your vintage look is ready. This is a very good way to re-use the furniture and carpets in your home.


Love for heritage

We know how much you care for the carpets, furniture and clothes you received from your ancestors. But you are unable to use them because of their condition as they have been in your family’s use for several decades. How could you possibly use a torn apart heirloom carpet? The answer is easy. Since there are torn patches in that carpet or it is badly stained with stains that have become permanent now, so what you can do is either hide the stains and torn edges or cut the carpet into pieces. You can cut the carpet into small pieces and decorate them in different small spots. For example, you can set them in pieces on the veranda, in hallways or as doormats. If you do not want to tear down the precious thing, you can use them in your bedroom or living room where the torn edge or the stained portion gets hidden under the bed or sofa. You can buy beds on sale in Lahore that can be used to hide those torn edges and still look good. 


Carpets in unexpected spaces

We always keep the carpets saved for the prime locations of our house and while doing this we completely ignore areas that could have been set miraculously. Carpets and rugs can change the whole layout of a room or a corner. If you plan beforehand, you can think of many spaces where carpets or rugs could be used. For example, nobody ever thinks of using carpets in their kitchen because of the possible mess that could be created due to it, but if you add carpeting in your kitchen, it can provide a cushion to your feet while you prepare time-taking dishes. Although it will be difficult to keep it unstained, you can always go for easily washable carpet materials. There are several carpet stores in Lahore offers such carpets and rugs at affordable rates.

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